Upcoming glimpse into work & life of India

Next week, David and I begin a travel adventure in South India – we are so excited!  We’ll be guided by our son, who lives in Hyderabad and works for a nonprofit venture capital firm with offices in Pakistan, Tanzania, Kenya, and India.

We’ll visit a few cities (Hyderabad, Chennai, Pondicherry, and Mumbai); also several rural locations, including a tea plantation, a wildlife sanctuary, and many ancient temples (holy to several religions).  Our plans are to stay in small hotels and “homestays,” where we hope to interact with the owners and staff, as well as with Indian travelers.

I’m hoping that you’ll help me learn about work/life in India.  Think about the questions you would ask if you were having tea in India.  Please share your thoughts with me over the next week; I hope to be able to bring you up to date several times/week.  Namaste…