Rather than writing or revising your résumé, you can expect to implement strategies to accelerate your career.  Delivering a résumé without a plan is like driving to a destination without a map.  To ensure our mutual success,  the Career Acceleration Plan includes:

  • Assessment
  • Online Identity and Networking
  • Résumé and Letters
  • Interview Preparation
  • Job Search Coaching
  • Follow-up


Success Stories & your BRAND Together, we will use CAN-tested tools to clarify your accomplishments in current and previous positions. We may utilize other resources that will help you to understand how you are perceived by others (360 Reach™). Once completed, this analysis becomes the key to your branded résumé and effective interview preparation.  At the same time, we will conduct a review of Job Board Integrators and identify industry and job options.

Online Identity Management and Networking
Successful networking is a key predictor of success in career management; CAN, LLC will audit your presence, make recommendations, and guide you to manage your online presence appropriately and effectively.  Your progress in establishing an online identity will help you build an effective network of former colleagues, friends, family, and both current and prospective business associates.  Through networking, your career transition story will become more credible and convincing; networking is likely to be the key to your success.


Résumé, CV, Networking Profile, or Biography
Together, we will create the appropriate job search tool to enhance your personal marketing campaign – a document that will take you where you want to go, not confine you to what you’ve done in the past.  The résumé will incorporate your success stories and brand; others will see the value you can bring to their organization.

Targeted letters
Your outreach should resemble a “mini-business plan.”  Your customized letters and networking efforts will target specific industries/companies; our work will prepare you to be responsive to posted opportunities.

Steps # 1 & 2 should be completed over a 3-5 week period


Interview Preparation and Job Search Coaching is the culmination of the work described above – like the entrée that is served after the appetizers. While it is best to incorporate Step #3 into the Acceleration Plan, it can be completed separately.  This process is conducted over approx. 3 weeks.  Some specific outcomes of work in Step #3 include:

  • Preparation for Networking and Interviewing, including a “one-minute commercial,” and “exit summaries”
  • Interviewing preparation, including use of examples and testimonials for behavioral interviews
  • Research facilitation, leading to effective networking (including S-W-O-T analysis)
  • Links to current relevant sites; referrals to others within CAN network to grow your network

Step #3 should be completed over a 3 week period

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION PLAN - ongoing career management @ reduced fee following Steps #1-3

Six months CAN-sponsored subscription to JibberJobber career management tool. At a substantially reduced fee, this plan allows us to work together until you achieve your goals.

The services you receive will add value to your job search  – my reputation is your guarantee.
Your open mind and active involvement in this process is the key to our success…Together We CAN


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