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Most people who contact the Career Acceleration Network (CAN) express the need for a revised résumé, a CV, a professional biography, or a networking profile to fully express their value in the marketplace.  These tools are an essential element of our services, and as such, we hope you’ll learn more about these documents.   Some clarification of terms:

  • A résumé is a summary of what you have to offer an employer – it is a marketing tool.  The product you are marketing is your value proposition – what do you have to offer that distinguishes you from others with similar credentials.  A good resume reveals your value proposition through your success stories – it doesn’t limit you to your previous positions; a good resume  helps to take you where you want to go.
  • A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is customarily used by candidates for scientific, technical, and academic positions.  The format is determined by custom; academic credentials and publications are prominently displayed.  CV’s do not customarily highlight the success stories of candidates.
  • A professional biography is a marketing tool used by consultants, executives, and entrepreneurs who are seeking work – it is commonly used for “business-to-business” communication.  Like the networking profile, it is usually written as if someone were introducing you to a group.
  • A networking profile is generally a single page summary that may be written in the “third-person,” e.g., as if someone were introducing you to a group.  The profile is a useful networking tool – your contacts can easily review it and talk about you with others.

We invite you to search further on this site for examples of our writing, along with commentary to explain the strategy behind a compelling resume, CV, professional biography,  and networking profile.  Each customized document was designed in response to a particular set of challenges; it was crafted to command a serious “look-see” and avoid the dreaded ” round file.”  Each sample highlights an aspect of a cutting-edge  resume, including a branding statement, a compelling summary, proper keyword usage, emphasis on accomplishments, and readability.

The samples offered here have been completely fictionalized to protect the privacy of clients.   Your resume, CV, biography, or networking profile will be customized to take you from where you are to where you want to go…

Post-MBA Résumé – Two-page Career Transition to Consumer Packaged  Goods (CPG) (Smita Patel) This client’s goals presented a challenge for the résumé and job search campaign.  After earning an undergraduate degree in Information Science and working in that field, the candidate wanted to transition to a brand management position with a consumer products company.  Note the use of a value proposition that takes the client toward her goal; sub-headlines speak to competencies that are transferable.  Notice that key competencies are used as headlines to add focus to the accomplishments and job duties.  The résumé concludes with a personal note that assures the reader that Smita is likely to be tuned into consumer culture she hopes to represent.  Post-MBA Sample Resume

Mid-Level Traditional Résumé – Sales & Marketing – One Employer > 5 years (Bradley S. Jones)
A successful sales and marketing manager wanted to explore his options in the marketplace.  His previous résumé was the one created for him by the college career services department.  The CAN process allowed the candidate to become aware of his own accomplishments (he had been with the same employer for more than 5 years).  While he explored opportunities elsewhere, his own employer recognized that they would lose a valuable asset if Bradley were to leave.  He negotiated for a promotion, and earned incentive compensation and a 15% increase in salary.  While he will remain with one employer longer than is ideal, his progression will ultimately make him more marketable to another employer. Mid-Level Traditional Sample Resume

C-Level Executive -One-page  Branded Networking Profile (Mark L. Roberts)
Top-level executives have frequently not been active in the job market – many have never needed a resume.  The “executive profile allows the executive to remain employed and explore the marketplace with a document that is more nuanced.  This profile looks like a business biography, so it doesn’t scream, “this executive is looking to make a move.”  Instead, it promotes effective networking with a document that tells a clear and compelling story. C-Level Executive Sample Networking Profile

Executive  Profile with Work History as Addendum – a “hip” alternative to a traditional resume (Mark Snow) Professionals may want to explore the marketplace with a more nuanced document.  When the time is right, they will want to be able to follow-up with a more traditional resume.  Here is a sample of such an “out-of-the-box” networking profile with a second page that functions as a work history.  Executive Profile Sample

One-page Resume/Profile – IT Director – Career transition  (George Tomas)
It was the goal of this client to work for a college or university in an administrative capacity.  He offered experience as a successful operations manager and a 7-year stint as the Director of Technology for a small private school.  To enhance his ability to make this transition and prove that he is a life-long learner, the candidate had completed a certificate program in project management.  The résumé proved that his operations and customer service experience are transferable; it demonstrated the relevance of his experience with the private school.  While his career history is presented in a traditional reverse chronological form, the success stories are segmented by function. Resume-Profile Hybrid Sample

Hybrid CV/Resume - Suitable for Academia, Science, Biotech, Pharma (Laura Wyeth)
Candidates may want to compete for non-faculty positions in academia, or explore opportunities with scientific/non-profit organizations.  In these cases, it is frequently more effective to present credentials in a traditional CV format, while at the same time, telling success stories in the more compelling manner of a resume.   The attached resume of a scientist working in a biotech environment offers information about credentials and publications at the bottom of the document – these are subordinate to the profile and success stories. CV-Resume Hybrid Sample

Résumé – Career Transition (age 50+) – Pharma Sales to Healthcare & Training (Jennifer Malloy)
This candidate wanted to transition out of a long and successful career in pharmaceutical sales to a nonprofit or academic position.  She had credentials and experience in health care administration and client services;  she was also eager to use her team-building and training experience.  Jennifer explored opportunities to enhance her credibility in training through a continuing education certificate program. At 56 years of age, she was able to transition to a position with a professional association that meets her reduced income requirements and allows her the work/life balance she was seeking.
Business to Non-Profit Transitional Resume Sample

Specialized Résumés, e.g. Teacher, Nurse, Pharmacist  (Amy May Teachem)
Certain occupations require that candidates present their credentials in a specific format.  The résumé shown here was developed to meet the requirements of most school districts, yet the body of the document presents the job duties through success stories.  This résumé allows the reader to see the transferable skills and potential offered by this  candidate. Specialized Format Resume Sample

Business Biography (LifeCycle Software)
Entrepreneurs are frequently called-upon to write resumes or biographies to accompany requests for proposal.  Unlike the passive tense common to resumes, the biography is generally written in the third-person – as if someone were introducing the business owner or executive to a group.  In cases where a company must present such biographies, it is advisable to have all executives working on the project present their biographies in the same format.  See this biography of a client who has authorized the use of her real information. Business Biography Sample.

First Resume – Career Transition – Over-55 years (Robert S. Greene)
This résumé was written for a candidate who had never needed a résumé in his life.  With his current employer going out of business, the candidate needed to represent his work experience and his leadership abilities.  He enhanced his networking skills by becoming proficient with  Note: this candidate successfully landed a retail management position in the telecommunications field – within weeks of beginning his job search campaign.  First Resume Sample

Targeted vs. Generic Cover letter
There is simply no place in a professional or executive job search campaign for a generic letter.  An effective personal marketing campaign requires that candidates demonstrate how they can meet the needs of the prospective employer.  To make this case, letters must be targeted – responsive to the specific needs and requirements of the position posted by the employer.  See the sample “T” letter provided for your reference.
Targeted Cover Letter Sample.

Prospecting Letter
Prospecting or requesting information from a contact within a targeted organization is an important strategy.  The sample offers a lot of cues as to how to write an effective letter, one that shows that you have done sufficient research to warrant a personal or phone meeting. Prospecting Letter Sample

30-60-second commercial
Mastery of a well-rehearsed “commercial” is a key element of a successful job search campaign.  CAN clients will develop a “commercial” as part of their Acceleration Plan – the emphasis here is on “plan” and “process.”  While similar to an elevator speech, the commercial is not designed for self-introduction at networking meetings; rather, it is a summary of where you’ve been, what you’ve done, what you have to offer, and why you are sitting in an office or on the other end of a phone call..  It responds to the question, “Tell me about yourself…” 30-60 Second Commercial Sample

Exit Summary
It is important for candidates to be prepared to clearly, concisely, and convincingly explain their career moves.  Why did you leave the last 4 jobs?  Even if you put-up with a series of bizarre managers and worked in toxic cultures, you need to find a way to talk about your career choices in a way that doesn’t send your previous boss or employer “under the bus…”
Exit Summary Sample



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