S-W-0-T your brand AND your target organization

A new post on the Netshare.com newsletter offers yet another strong suggestion to employ S-W-O-T analysis as a job search tool.  Since 2007, I have recommended this business analysis tool to my clients; now I am happy to suggest that clients check-out the S-W-O-T prompts posted by Katherine E. Simmons, President & CEO of Netshare.com.  Ms. Simmons offers some fresh prompts that can help with brand clarification, e.g.:


* What advantages do you have?  *What do you do better than anyone else?  *What unique or low-cost resources do you have to offer?  *What do others see as your strengths?  *How do you help close the sale or reduce overhead?


* What areas can you improve?  * What areas should you avoid?  * What do peers in your market see as weaknesses? *Where do you fail when trying to close a sale or reduce costs?

Recently,  I have recommend that candidates take the S-W-O-T analysis tool to the next level by applying it to their target companies.  In other words, use S-W-O-T as the framework for company research, e.g.:

Opportunities and Threats are internally and externally focused.  Think from the point of view ofthe marketplace:   the competition – the customer.


▪  Who is the competition?  What do they do well?  What do they do poorly?

▪  Strengths/Weaknesses that can be converted to opportunities?

▪  What are the market-driven opportunities for this company and industry?

▪  Structure of the target company?  Hierarchical or flat?


▪  Position relative to competition?

▪  Product or service needs further development?

▪  Capitalization? Distribution channels?

▪  Relationship between management and staff?

▪  Marketing strategies aligned with strategic plan?

▪  Viability of industry?

Clearly this tool can be a very effective job search strategy tool.  Check the Netshare.com for the full post; contact this writer for more information about how to S-W-O-T your target organizations.