Author comes to BCCC-Women’s History Month

Bucks County Community College is hosting author Carolyn See on Friday, March 9, 2007 – Library Auditorium, 8pm, FREE. 

Sponsored by the community college’s Women’s Center, the author appears as part of National Women’s History Month.

Ms. See will read from her recently published novel, There Will Never Be Another You, which links the personal tragedy of a husband’s death with the implosion of the Twin Towers on 9/11. 

The book was published in May 2006, and has earned accolades from many sources, including Oprah Winfrey and fellow authors. Joan Didion , author of several books dealing with the response to public events, called See’s work, “a book about things falling apart that turns out to be a day at the beach…Pure joy.” 

While See does not describe herself as a women’s author, she writes about how love, relationships, and careers intersect with the events that swirl around us.  From the Greeks and Romans to Shakespeare to John Steinbeck, literature has used signs of outward calamity as a device to portend tragedy for characters. 

As human beings, our level of sensitivity to the world around us varies. At the risk of engaging in gender bias, I agree with those who believe that women are more sensitive to the clash of emotions we experience on a daily basis. Human stories about natural disasters, wars, and genocide make our focus on colleagues, pay, and traffic seem petty and self-centered. 

Certainly we need to put our lives in perspective, and Carolyn See draws on her own experience to help her readers do that.  Join me in an evening that promises to be engaging and enlightening.