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Geographically based in Philadelphia, the Career Acceleration Network (CAN) is a career coaching service that promotes career management through customized strategic acceleration plans.  Established in 2002 by Karen P. Katz, more than  400 professionals have worked with CAN – professionals  representing a variety of industries and career levels.

Clients report the following outcomes as a result of their work with CAN:

  • They land the “right” position, based on their abilities and the ages and stages of their lives
  • Clients feel they can actively manage their careers going forward
  • Those who were in transition report a better work /life balance
  • Through assessment activities, clients gain an understanding of their “brand”
  • Candidates are able to articulate their “brand” and learn to use technology as part of career management

Since its inception, the Career Acceleration Network has adhered to the belief that career success is a process. CAN promotes collaboration and a personal approach when partnering with clients to help them claim ownership of their long-range career goals.   Wherever possible, personal meetings are a part of the process; these supplement scheduled telephone conferences  and responsive e-mail communication. A customized  career acceleration plan is developed for each client – a plan that is customized to meet specific needs, whether the client is located in San Francisco, Newtown, or  Princeton.

About Karen P. Katz, Founder of the Career Acceleration Network

Karen P. Katz, founder of the Career Acceleration Network, has a track record of success as a creative career strategist, a.k.a.  a career coach and career counselor with her hand on the pulse of the workplace.  With extensive experience in both the educational and private sector, Karen has developed a deep expertise in career planning and development through her past positions as the manager for an educational sales business, as well as HR Manager and Operations Supervisor with three manufacturing companies.  She has worked in corporate outplacement, and managed a career development program targeted toward the needs of women.  She is an avid cyclist,  and an active participant in local and global activities that support sustainability.

A more detailed career history: Karen P. Katz

If you are interested in reading more about Karen’s career path.

  • Karen started in the field of career development in 1975 as a job developer and career counselor. More than 60 candidates were placed in technical/professional level jobs within a 12-month period.
  • Her success in preparing candidates and facilitating placements led to an offer with Kenworth Truck Co. (div. of PACCAR) as a recruiter and Personnel Specialist. In this role, Karen recruited and filled positions in a wide range of fields, including engineering, finance, sales/marketing, and operations.
  • Karen was later recruited by Sunshine Biscuits, (now part of Kellogg), where she was able to integrate her hands-on labor relations knowledge with her experience in recruitment, selection, and training as the Area Personnel Manager.
  • A quest for work and family balance led Karen to join Discovery Toys as an Educational Consultant. Her sales and marketing abilities, coupled with a nurturing leadership style, led her to become a Discovery Toys Sales Manager and an invited National Convention speaker.   While selling Discovery Toys, she returned to school and became a certified teacher and soccer coach.  After working in public and private schools, Karen decided her skills and abilities were best suited to the business world.
  • Since 1997, Karen has been a full-time career and educational consultant. Karen served as a Career Management Consultant with two corporate outplacement firms, and concurrently served as Training Adviser at a Career Center managed by Right Management Associates.
  • In 1998, she became the Program Manager with a state-funded career development program sponsored by Bucks County Community College. In this capacity, she worked with more than 350 women who faced various barriers to the achievement of their career and educational goals.
  • The Career Acceleration Network (CAN), LLC has developed from a sideline in 2002 to become Karen’s full-time occupation and passion.
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